April Showers

April really is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s beautiful weather and a primer for wedding season so lots of fun gatherings and showers are usually happening. So far that has been the case, with a couples shower early in the month, my sister’s wedding shower, and a going away party for my cousin Kara.

First, baby sister’s first weddings shower last weekend at my aunt Linda’s house. (I’m throwing her a “bridal tea party” next weekend so this is just the first round…)
As you probably know if you read this blog, I come from a very tight knit and awesome family who love a reason to get together. And baby Hannah’s wedding is a pretty good one! Aunt Melba did a great job with the “Hollywood glamour” theme, and shower food is just my favorite. Hannah and Grant got lots of great gifts and seem to be well on their way to filling a home with all the essentials!

Happy to have the Wilcox's join my family!

I love my aunt's view of the water!

love this pic...

great grandma with her McKinnley

the happy couple- wont be long now!

And then this weekend, my cousin Kara had people over to her new house in Park Hill for a nice little going away cookout. Yes, she’s headed back to the dreaded island of Hawaii on a travel nurse assignment- bless her heart. Several friends gathered for burgers, appetizers, and great times just being together.

my yummy baked beans- recipe from B's dad.

gonna miss this girl!

Overall it’s been a great April and I’m even more excited about May! Bring on the parties- and Mexico!