My name is Megan Knight and this blog is a collection of my personal thoughts, photos, travels, loves, rants, raves, and ideas. It is in no means associated with my professional career (Marketing Manager at Inuvo) or intended to represent my lovely family or friends in any positive (or negative) light. Here is simply a showcase of the simple, beautiful life I live and love so much…

I turned 30 years old in February of this year (2011), so that makes me an Aquarius Monkey.  According to Astrology.com,

“Dubbed as a butterfly among humans, the Aquarius woman is friend to everyone but belongs to no one. People who can accept her overriding sense of need for freedom will be tremendously loved by the Aquarius girl in return. The value she places on individuality and freedom extends far beyond herself such that her partner in life need not necessarily have a set of beliefs similar to hers. What is essential in a relationship with the Aquarius woman is honesty including being true to oneself.”

My Chinese Sign of the “spunky monkey” says I’m

“always upbeat, and considered minor celebrities in their circle thanks to their sparkling wit and that rapier-sharp mind.”

I’m sure some may attest to the seemingly positive slant this “about me” is having, but this is not really up for debate, as it is my blog and only my thoughts and opinions count.

I am also the proud mother of 2 very precious and much loved dogs; Sunny and Hilde.  They make me so happy, pretend to keep me safe, and are the subjects of the majority of my pics and facebook status updates…

Besides them, I love God, my family and friends, bubble baths, wine, patios, reality television, and most holidays.