A Blessed Easter

Yesterday was Easter and it coudln’t have been more beautiful to celebrate such an important day! We started off in Conway at another excellent Easter service at New Life Church, then ran by my moms to visit before heading to lunch at Broc’s parents in Little Rock. His good friend from highschool and his family joined us and it was great to have a kid around… hiding Easter eggs just isn’t the same without one of those. Dinner was amazing of course and Jill even broke out her famous Easter Bunny costume (or the head at least) to impress baby Alex. Not sure if he was impressed or confused though because he kept asking to take her mask off…. Can’t fool that kid!
Overall just a great day with family and friends who are such blessings to me.
Let every man and woman count himself immortal.  Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection.  Let him say not merely, “Christ is risen,” but “I shall rise.”  ~Phillips Brooks
Alex really enjoyed the dog cage!

he was just warming up to my camera

my favorite: meatloaf cupcakes!

lovely feast

made by these lovely people

can never get Ty to cooperate

like father like son

there's a decent one

Alex being coaxed into a boogie dance for us

then someone came to visit!

but a little heavy

especially for the little guy!


our matching Easter attire

time to find some eggs!

serious about the counting

sweet little family

now for some dog walking

and then more searching

Alex took this! Not bad!

enough with the pictures lady!

cutie pie...

And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him. — Mark 16:6


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Yesterday was Kara’s official “welcome to my new home” party for our family. She turned 40 years old a few months ago and decided it was time to buy her first house! And my is it adorable. Located in the Park Hill neighborhood of North Little Rock, it’s close to everyone and everything and fits her to a tee. Our family celebrated with food, gifts and best wishes- I know it meant so much to her to have everyone there. Kara, you deserve this place more than anyone. I can’t wait to share many memories over the fire and a glass of wine in your precious new home. Love you!

The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it.

what a little dollhouse

but hardly big enough for our group!

Ashley and Kara

sweets abound

lots of living, laughing and love will happen here

so much food

my favorite dip!

my sisters

love these turquoise mugs

the sign in table

all the guests

my cousin, best friend, sister

Aunt Becky and Mamaw

Kara's mom and sisters

Amanda and Christina

little dolls

all Christmas'd out

four generations (missing the third)

McKinnley was happy to help

the happy new homeowner

everyone snapping pics

she got so much cute stuff

Tommy Sue and Mom

can now serving 20!

96 yrs young!

grandma love


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Candlelit Yoga

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

I’ve been practicing yoga pretty regularly for about 5 years now and I love it. It’s the best stretching, breathing, and focusing exercise; I honestly didn’t know it was doing much for my body until I broke my foot a few years back and had to take a month or so off. I could definitely tell a difference and the first class back left me super sore all over. So it must be working something!

All week a local athletic store has been offering free classes at different locations around Little Rock and last night was “candlelit yoga” at Wildwood Park. Andrea, Ginger, Joy and myself decided to go and we had a really good time. (It’s weird when you hang out with your friends and don’t drink!) There was quite the crowd and it’s nice to see so many people getting into it. Definitely good for the soul!


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Sweet baby Tulah turned ONE over the weekend! It seems like just yesterday we were throwing her momma a pool party/ baby shower and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 5th baby girl to join the group! Tulah is a sweet, even-tempered little doll who looks just like her daddy. We celebrated her big day at Wild River Country, and let me just say, that place is not as great as I used to think it was… But all the kids had a blast and it’s always a good time hanging out with the girls.

such a big girl now!

birthday kisses

Stell Bell

water baby

these two are already a couple!

matching shades

my besties

she loved it

double trouble

happy to be 1!!!

The Pembertons

cutie pie Jase

with aunt "kenny"

Talisa and Sarah

they can get away with anything being so cute!

best photobomb of the day

Grayson and Tulah

time for cake!

someone grabbed a bite of mine

look at those eyes!

sweet girl was in the best moood

the cutest duck face!


baby tutu booty is my fav!

Brooke and Grayson

wave pool time!

silly girl

Taylor and her beach tan!

partied out

sweet girls!

wild river sunday funday!

Happy birthday Tulah Rynn! Your aunties and cousins love you very much!!!


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So this weekend was the big day- Saturday evening my brother and Ashley got married! It was absolutely one of the happiest days ever to stand next to them as they vowed their lives to each other. Although the weather was rainy and chilly- especially for early May- it was such a joyous occasion that no one seemed to notice. They are now on their way to Jamaica for a week of sun and relaxation! I wanted to get a few pics posted before I leave myself for Hawaii on Wednesday!!!

Congrats to the happy couple. Love you guys.

flower girl and ring bearer at rehearsal (playing on their phones!)

baby Jasper and momma Jessica

taking the shuttle to wedding!

loved the simple decor- so pretty!

"vintage chic"

getting ready!

Ashley pre-gown

Ashely and her flower girl :)


adorable Jaydon!

getting ready to see the groom for the first time :)

so sweet!

watching them from inside (all of us tearing up!)

picture time! The Knight's with our new sister!

all the kids

plus Dale & Emerie

both families

Jacob & Jessica Knight, and crew. How gorgeous are they!

Ava is ready for showtime!

my sweet momma

I was in the wedding so this is where pre-ceremony pics stop and post-ceremony begins. I actually didn’t have my camera for the toast or cutting of cake, so we’ll have to wait for the real photographer’s pics to see all that. (And most of the following from reception were actually taken by my sweet cousins Lauryn and Laynie who I let run loose with my camera. They did a fantastic job- love these girls!!!)

Lauryn, Caleb, Laynie

me and Trysta (the L's momma)

Angel child!!!

best cousins!

finally did it!!!!

sister of the bride Christy and her bff Meredith

love Laynie-bug!

stosh and broc (what cuties)

the McGuires (the L's parents)

Caleb & Lauryn bff

i'm her favorite ;)

time to go!

I will spare you the 500 or so other pics the girls took of the decor of the house- I’ll have to put them in their own post one day as they have nothing to do with the wedding but are pretty cute just the same. After the reception (which the above pics are pretty limited to one area of outside- there was a dance floor and dinner that we seemed to have missed completely! Again, the camera wasn’t around till late night) many of us from the wedding party took the shuttle back to our hotel and hit the bar downstairs…

so happy!!!!

Josh and Caleb

Christy and Tabitha

beautiful bride! (even at 1 am)

sweet pic!

my honey

even a few kids still around!

love my brothers!!!

hugs for everyone!

sweet sisters

congrats to the best couple I know- Mr. & Mrs. Knight!


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