Meet Rascal!

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a little dog obsessed… I love my two little angels more than I like most people and would have 5 more if I could!!! (My tiny house and single status keeps that from happening at the time– Can we say “spinster”?)

So when my mother got her own place, I knew I would be able to do some dog shopping for her- which is almost as fun as doing it for myself. (She’s always liked dogs but Charles wasn’t too keen on having them around…)

The Humane Society of Pulaski County was obviously my first choice and since we’re friends on Facebook I get daily updates of their most “adoptable” pets. So how excited was I when I see this little guy grace my screen early last week…

It’s time for the HSPC “Pet of the Week!” Meet Rascal, a 1 year-old poodle mix.

Rascal is one of the happiest dogs on the planet and makes friends with everyone he sees! You would never guess that he was brought to HSPC with 2 broken legs after being run over by a car. He thinks that life is just great and would love to share it with a special family who will love him and keep him safe. He does have pins in his legs, and although this doesn’t affect him at all, we do ask that he go to a home with no young children. He will need to be an inside dog as cold and damp could cause him pain, and he says he’d rather not go through any more pain thank you very much. Come and meet Rascal so you can see what a great little guy he is.

First, I immediately wanted him for myself… What an adorable little mop! He’s very Sunny-isque- with that cute little tongue and mischievous expression!! After coming to my senses, I hit up my friend Misty to take him instead. She’s getting her own place and LOVES her niece and nephew (Hilde’ and Sunnybear), but the timing was wrong and she couldn’t bring herself to commit. Then it hit me… DUH! He’s PERFECT for my MOM!!!

I texted her his picture and it was love at first site! Adopting him on my own- as a gift- wasn’t quite as instant a process… In fact, it’s impossible (note to self). The Humane Society does not allow “gift adoptions” so if that’s what you’re doing you best not tell them the minute you walk in the door. Ashley (Gabe’s girlfriend) came with me to see him and we both just feel in love! He was SO friendly, so funny, and the poor little thing had been through A LOT… (he’d been hit by a car and brought to HSPC with two broken legs and a crushed pelvis!!!) His stitches were still in his back leg which kept them from being able to bathe or groom him and he stunk to high heaven! He also had a bit of conjunctivitis (pink eye for dogs) and was so matted you could barely scratch him :( They informed me my mom would have to fill out the application and pick him up herself. This made me sad to leave him- especially considering the storms of Monday and Tuesday and he was trapped in a cage all alone!!! But thankfully she was able to get off Wednesday and whisked him away to a new and very happy life- beginning with an oh-so-fun grooming session at Pet Smart.

Are you ready for this transformation??? Meet the all-new, clean, and obviously very skinny Rascal Knight!!! (gallery requires flash to view… If not flash click here to view static gallery.)

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He is soooo funny- so busy- so GOOD! Mom says he doesn’t bark, turns circles by the door when he wants to go outside, and loves to go on walks (her favorite past time)- so he’s very well leashed trained… He already makes Sunny and Hilde’ look like spoiled little bitches- I can’t wait for them to meet each other!

Thanks so much to the great folks at Pulaski County Humane Society for helping us find this great little dog!!!!


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Father’s Day gifts are the hardest to come by… Some problems that all of us girls encounter is where in the world to start. I mean, our dad’s already seem to have everything they want (that we could afford) and it’s not as if we would ever like the same things… So this year, I’m weeding through the web, reading blogs and review sites, to come up with a list of some of the best gift ideas out there ALL UNDER $20!!! (Why? B/c it makes it way more difficult, and who isn’t on a budget nowadays?)

(please leave comments/suggestions!)

Gift Idea #1: Smith’s “POCKET PAL” Pocket Knife Sharpener


Pocket Knife Sharpener

This super useful little tool will make that 10-year-old much loved pocket knife BRAND NEW again! It sharpens both straight and serrated edged knives and is lightweight, durable, and extremely easy to use. It also has a 5-star rating from its YouTube video!!

Purchase Smiths Edge “Pocket Pal” Pocket Knife Sharpener- $9.99

(Smith’s actually has a lot of great knife sharpening products you could try if looking to spend a little more $$$… From diamond stones to gourmet electric sharpeners, they are the leader in sharpening technology– And they are based here in Arkansas!)

Gift Idea #2: Family Handy Man Magazine Subscription

61zcgbcwhcl_ss400_My coworker Jonathan swears that this is one of the best magazines a guy could ever get- and I’d never heard of it until now! It’s a monthly “how-to” full of tips, advice, and factual information on home remodeling, repair and maintenance, energy efficiency, home furnishings and decorating, yard and garden care, woodworking, auto maintenance, new products and housing. What Dad doesn’t love that kind of stuff? (Or should at least)

It’s a great deal on Amazon for only $19.97 (%50 off regular subscription rate!)

Gift Idea # 3: Easy Aeration WINE FUNNEL

Wine Funnel

Wine Funnel

If your dad enjoys a good glass of wine every now and then and doesn’t have time to decant it every time, reach for this quick, effective wine funnel. As you pour your wine through the funnel, it disperses into eight separate streams, causing air bubbles to travel through and aerate the wine, smooth out the tannic flavor and improve the taste.

Super affordable from Uncommon Goods- $20.00

Gift Idea #4: Minor League Baseball Tickets


Major doesn’t fit within our budget, and Arkansas doesn’t even have a team, so this idea is a perfect under $20 gift! I know my dad would like to watch a game, but (hopefully) enjoy the quality time with his daughter even more!

Tickets are less than $7 a piece! Purchase online at Arkansas Travelers website.

Gift Idea #5: Nike Elite Feel Golf Glove


My dad is a huge golfer and this product has excellent reviews from Overstock customers. Premium cabretta leather tanning and pre-curved fingers provide a soft, supple feel along with enduring comfort and shape retention.

Purchase for $18.99 (plus free shipping) on Overstock now!

Gift Idea #6: The Art of Shaving Shave Cream7af3_1

My dad’s favorite shaving cream is probably Barbasol (?) or something equally inexpensive he can grab at the grocery store. So why not show him how so many of my metro-sexual friends experience luxuriously smooth skin and a rosy glow with the premium Art of Shaving shave cream (in a pretty twist- off container). This product claims to “soften and lift the beard for a close and comfortable shave, and protect the skin from irritation and razor burn.”

Regularly $22 (from Art of Shaving website) but I found it on ebay for only $17!

Gift Idea # 7: Digital Instant-Read Pocket Thermometer

41mhad7edzl_sl500_aa150_gifI have to admit I copied this idea from LifeHacker’s recent post on 5 Must-Have Tools for the Kitchen and I had to agree with them. I think I purchased my cheapo thermometer from the Dollar Store and you can’t really risk an inaccurate reading.

Cooks Illustrated rated this particular digital brand (Taylor) as best value overall. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for only $12.79!

Gift Idea #8: Smart Money Clip

smart_money_clipThis gift has rave reviews from it’s home on AsSeenOnTv (Guys) and is a stylish and simplified alternative to the age-old wallet gift. A Smart Money Clip allows you to keep just the bare essentials at hand- securing your cash on one side and up to 5 credit cards in the card channel on the other. It’s simple, sleek, and currently on sale for just under $20!

Purchase on for only $19.95!

Gift Idea # 9: Custom Photo Book

photo-bookFor a truly unique and personal gift, create a Father’s Day Photo Book from They have pre-built pages for Father’s Day, or you can get creative and create your own!

These books allow you to showcase your favorite fun photos of you and dad and add your own words to tell your story. Photobooks make lasting keepsakes your dad is sure to love!

Buy one (on sale) now for only $15.99!

Gift Idea #10: Chef’s Planet Grill & BBQ Mat

31khf7dyr2l_sl500_aa280_My dad has always loved to grill – and certain foods (fish, veggies, shrimp, etc) seem to often fall through the cracks. That’s why this affordable (and 5-star rated) grill mat is the perfect gift that he probably hasn’t thought to buy for himself.

Dishwasher save and perfect for gas or charcoal grills.

Find if on Amazon for only $19.99

41idjnc5g2l_sl500_aa280_(While you’re at it, you might as well through in some environmentally safe, all natural lump charcoal. Cowboy Charcoal lacks all the carbon-spewing pollutants, chemicals, and coal as what dad  is used to, and comes in this super cute (dad-appropriate) bag! Also available on Amazon- $7.98


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