I’ve been working at PrivacyStar in downtown Conway for a year this month! I can’t believe it- i hate to say time flies but my goodness it does… The 30 minute drive between Conway and LR hasn’t killed me like i thought it would and i think the decision to keep my house and make the drive was the right one.
I love love love my job and the people I work with which makes me extremely thankful, and I have even grown to like this little old town as well. Every Tues and Thurs i walk to yoga at Blackbird Academy, which is less than 1/2 mile, and today I decided to bring my camera along with me. It’s beautiful outside and while it certainly isn’t New York or New Orleans, it suits me just fine. :)

picnic tables ready to be unloaded for toad suck festival

Kris Allen stage. I love big clocks.

toad suck square

i want a red bike...

a secret garden


painted brick

coming up this weekend


old fashioned barber shops


we have hot dog stands here too!

diet. blown.


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Kris Allen on Jay Leno


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Kris Allen

Kris Allen

What a night!!! Being from Arkansas (Conway even) and attending New Life Church, of course I’m a big Kris Allen fan. I mean come on- who in this state isn’t (besides the obvious haters)?!?! He’s absolutely adorable, super nice/”humble”, and has a great laid-back style of singing that I actually really enjoy.


Text Conversation- 9:06 PM

ME: I can’t believe it!

My Mother: I know! Pretty awesome. KICKAWESOME!!!

ME (thinking) what in the world? Is she really trying to be cool by saying that???   : What does “kickawesome” mean?

My Mother: It was a mistake he made during an interview and someone picked up on it and put the word on t-shirts and so the new word “kickawesome” (meaning way better than awesome) is born. Go Kris!

ME (thinking) nothing… speechless… wow…

I think me and about half of the country (the half that watches the show) are in complete and total shock right now. I almost feel bad for the kid- considering how much his life is about to change. And his wife… can you imagine???

Anyway, I’m really only doing this post to add to the huge spike of already popular “Kris Allen” searches, posts, and social media tags that have been steadily growing as the contestants have dwindled.
Here’s a popularity chart from Google Trends I just ran to prove my point… And I’ll update you again in about a week.


(These numbers are in the millions FYI)

Quite the accomplishment Kris- Congratulations!


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