97 Years Young

It’s hard to believe it’s been another full year since my sweet Grandma’s last birthday, so this year makes her 97 and still going strong! We held her celebration at the good ol’ Hanks Country Music Hall- compliments of my Uncle Billy- and the attendance was huge! So many people love this lady- it’d be impossible not to. Not only did she raise 8 wonderful kids, but now claims over 50 grand & great-grand kids as well!
She’s always been so active in all the different churches she’s attended that many groups from different congregations make it every year. I swear there were over 60 people there and I feel like an idiot for not bringing the photo booth! :( (But just realized all the photos I exported have my company watermark on them! Oh well…)
I hope to one day be looked at as half the person she is- so kind, caring, beautiful and strong. I love you mamaw, and hope we have many more birthdays to come!
Caleb & Katie
my little Caleb bug
he loves his memaw!
Kara & Bobby
this look on Trysta’s face is hilarious if you knew the source of it…
now Laynie is looking!
my sweet Grandma trying on the sweater I got her
and mom helping her read my card
the two women who made me possible!
my cousin and best friend!
and my other best friend :)
The dapper Jansen
more presents!

love this lady so much!

I hope you have a beautiful 97th year Mamaw. Couldn’t ask for a better grandmother…


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How is it possible that Christmas has come and gone? It always does it like this- there’s so much build up and then it passes just as quiet as a mouse!
Christmas 2013 was wonderful and I am so fortunate to have so many great friends and family to share it with! Blessed is not even the word…
My holiday weekend started off Saturday night with our annual PNS Christmas party with all my best girls. We are going on our 8th Christmas together and our traditions have become more and more special the older we get. With kids and husbands and jobs and states to keep us apart, we always make time for each other. I love my friends.

Couldn't ask for better girlfriends

Lindz and Sarah

Ah Heather- we miss you so!

YEARS of the best times!

Chrissy & Little

Love a PNS par-tay!


Sunday was my dad’s birthday- his 60th!- and a great birthday it was. The Knights all gathered together for the most beautiful candlelight service at New Life Church and then brunch and presents at Dad and Debi’s.

Caleb & Cara!

with my two favorite people

Cash is the best dad!

sister and soon to be brother-in-law

and baby Will just melts my heart!


like mother like son :)

did i mention how much i love her???

dad presents...

i think i need a baby!

and so does Gabby!

having fun guys?

we love a get together

first time parents- doing the best job!!!


my evil twin ;)

Gash love


Christmas Eve was another tradition- going on 32 years for me- with my mom’s side of the family. All 50 of us ate way too much and played dirty Santa over coffee and lots of laughs. I’m so lucky to come from such a close, Christian family! With tons of cute kiddo’s to photograph!


this lovely child... i wish i had recorded her!

i could eat him up!

Aunt Linda and Adilaide- soooo sweet!

my favorite girls....

lots of Christmas love!

Preston is such a ham!

Hannah just got her present stolen...


I have to admit I was a bit lax on the photography this year… Just too many people to visit with and it ended up sitting on the table or in my purse most of the night(s). I didn’t take ONE picture at my mom’s on Christmas morning! I know- I’m pretty sad about it too!
Christmas night was spent with my love and his family- the lovely Spradlin’s.  Again, I am a very lucky girl… My boyfriend has the best parents EVER. I just love love them so.

and their dogs! (This is Duke)

Jill! Maybe the best person ever....

they are still 12 at heart...

they think i'm a food photographer...

how cute was little Broc!!!

and little Joe!!!

the best pie. Ever.

i have A LOT of hair...

this says it all!

My heart is so happy as the end of this holiday season comes to an end… I give all the credit to the wonderful people in my life, and will (hopefully) remember to count my blessings every day in 2014.
The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.

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Yesterday was Kara’s official “welcome to my new home” party for our family. She turned 40 years old a few months ago and decided it was time to buy her first house! And my is it adorable. Located in the Park Hill neighborhood of North Little Rock, it’s close to everyone and everything and fits her to a tee. Our family celebrated with food, gifts and best wishes- I know it meant so much to her to have everyone there. Kara, you deserve this place more than anyone. I can’t wait to share many memories over the fire and a glass of wine in your precious new home. Love you!

The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it.

what a little dollhouse

but hardly big enough for our group!

Ashley and Kara

sweets abound

lots of living, laughing and love will happen here

so much food

my favorite dip!

my sisters

love these turquoise mugs

the sign in table

all the guests

my cousin, best friend, sister

Aunt Becky and Mamaw

Kara's mom and sisters

Amanda and Christina

little dolls

all Christmas'd out

four generations (missing the third)

McKinnley was happy to help

the happy new homeowner

everyone snapping pics

she got so much cute stuff

Tommy Sue and Mom

can now serving 20!

96 yrs young!

grandma love


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The Holidays are upon us! Last weekend was supposed to be full of parties- literally every day- but mother nature had different plans and blanketed our state with ice and snow. Everything was canceled and I was so disappointed! However the Friday night party was rescheduled for Wednesday night and it ended up being a great time. Tricia is the best host and decorator ever and this time was also the photographer! She didn’t get many pics of her home but it was sparkling from top to bottom with ribbons and sparkling Christmas cheer. The food was also quite impressive! Here are a few pics of the night…

me and Nicole

and Tricia- we needed another Ho- just couldn't get it turned right :)

me and my honey

all the girls!

take 2

way to ruin a pic Richard!

Broc and his fake smile.... you can tell he loves pictures

with the fabulous host

and Jessica

Overall a great start to many more parties to come. I can’t wait to get my Christmas decor up- it’s not Christmas without it! (Thanks Tricia for sharing the pics!)


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This holiday weekend started Wednesday night with a traditional “Friendsgiving” at Patrick’s house. Patrick and Anna are known for hosting great holiday parties (like this one for the 4th and this one on New Years) and they’re always a good time. I made some collard greens that turned out to be a bit tough but decent for my first time; there was so much food I doubt anyone really noticed.

Thankful for good friends this holiday season!

casseroles are my fav


The Garners

Juliana, Nicole, Tricia, Me, Anna


The Witherspoons (and Michael)

Broc, Beau, Michael

our lovely hosts

my love


Merry Thanksgiving!


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