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The holidays are officially over and I’m thankfully for so many things! First, two wonderful Christmas dinners with both sides of the family (the Knights and the Broyles’s) and then a beautiful white Christmas! I haven’t even left the house since Christmas night but it’s been a blast being holed up in my warm house with good family and friends. Here’s what my iPhone captured this past week…

PNS Christmas Party Friday night with my besties

fabulous action shot!

dirty santa

'A Christmas Carol' at the Riley's Church!

all my little cousins performed

white elephant gift exchange at the office

delicious dinner at 'The Pantry' with Kara

somebody got a pillow for Christmas!

2 of my favorite things :)

power outaged in Little Rock :(


my car didn't like the 7 inches...

snow day food!

at least these guys were warm...

Ashley showing off the bling

the hand you want- especially when partner is nill!

Overall it’s been a great week! Looking forward to the roads drying up so i can do a little after Christmas shopping, then New Years Eve, then going back to work (yes, I miss the office!) and then my ski trip begins!!! 6 of us are headed to Winter Park, Colorado on Jan 8th for some skiing, sledding, and lots of drinking in the hot tubs…! I’m a happy girl.


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So i was wrong: not only did it snow- it blizzard-’ed’…! It started about 5 Christmas night and didn’t stop until we woke up this morning…


8-10″ is record-breaking in Central Arkansas and everything completely shuts down. Add 160,000 people with no power, and the snow becomes not such a pretty picture…

Crazy amount of snow! Hate that something so beautiful could cause so much destruction…:(

I’m one of the lucky ones- power stayed on and got to drive around and post pictures about it…


“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event”


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