Sunday was another beautiful day here in the natural state- a sunny 75 degrees and low humidity. We started out at church, then to Mi Burrito for lunch and a few margaritas, then down to Twin Rivers park to take some pictures of the littles. Two of my best girlfriends have the most precious baby girls; Stella, Sarah’s 4 year old and Tulah, Laura’s 8 month old. So much fun with these girls (and Aaron, Laura’s boyfriend). Nothing better than a camera in hand, gorgeous day, and cute little girls to model for you!


Laura, Aaron & Tulah

walking to the bridge

Stella & Little Meg


"fairy park"

baby in sunglasses- could eat her up!

sweet Stell-bell!


can't believe how big she is!

daddy with stroller alert!

Stell helping me get Tulah to smile!

sweet family!


sunglass shot

flying baby


Stella & Momma

gosh so adorable

4 yr olds are the best


all the girls

my best girl

Such a beautiful day and so much to be thankful for!!!


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Spring is finally here!!! The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend long and there’s something about the turning leaves and fragrant (although somewhat pollinated!) air that makes everything just a little… better.
Saturday we spent all day just enjoying being outside. From brunch at The House (see bloody mary on instagram), to an afternoon laying out in the park by the river, to grilling out at a friends house by the pool- every bit of it made me happy and renewed. The fact that the dogs were with us, that much better.

Welcome Spring, sure hope you decide to stay a while!

this is not animal abuse- he loves being thrown...


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I love Spring! Arkansas has my vote for the most extreme state -really hot and really cold, ( —I know that’s not a factual statement… I just said it has my vote) but April and May are the best! Since I so love to be outdoors (but out of the grass),  I’m expanding my outdoor living space with a brand new deck! Finally my 3 favorite men (Dad, brother, and best friend) are proving useful! At this point we’re only at the measuring and discussion stage- but it’s definitely going to happen… Here’s a sketch of how I hope it will turn out. (btw, I highly recommend this website for it’s interactive deck drawing tool… Free, easy, and really helps visualize the finished project.)

And here are a few phone pics from last evening of my sweet doggies enjoying our current very small and old deck (made pretty with a few flowers and cans of spray paint…)


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