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This weekend the girls and I, along with a few straggling boyfriends and husbands (just kidding boys!) made the 6.5 hour drive to beautiful Baton Rouge, LA for our 4th annual St. Rayne’s Day celebration. (see 2nd annual here)

Rayne, who is now actually considered Brayne since she up and married Mr. Brandon Hurley and they have now merged into one amazing personality, are the very definition of F.U.N. Not only did they have one of the very best weddings I’ve ever attended, they like to keep tradition alive and always seem to one-up our visit for Rayne’s birthday. This year was pretty big- the big 30- so of course it had to be spectacular. I don’t know who’s luckier; Rayne (for having so many friends), us girls (for getting to BE her friend), or St. Patrick himself, but St. Rayne’s Day is a basically the most fun weekend of the entire freaking year.

We all arrive at some point late Thursday night, depending on who you get stuck riding with. I was lucky this year and rode with these two

Jonathan & Chrissy

who are always on time and have their sh*t together, although this picture was late night Sat night so excuse the glazed over eyes… Our car was the first to arrive. :)

Friday is spent having lots of good food and getting the weekend started with daiquiris, hurricanes, and green beer. Brayne have a great backyard to kick it in so we basically just sat around and talked and laughed and caught up with each other. I didn’t have my good camera out but did manage to capture some moments on the iPhone…

the Megan's and Andrea





and poor nelly...

Good times with my best girls. Love love love!

Friday night is always for going out and this year Brayne did not disappoint. They rented this amazing thing to haul us all around in…

the girls

the whole gang

Yes, that is a pink BOOGIE bus. And boogie we did… I don’t even know how to describe how excited we were to be on it, but the pictures tell a good story…

Sean & Talisa

Sarah & Greg

Sarah, Rayne, Me

Little, Ginger, Andrea

Brandon getting the party started


T & Chrissy

a lot of this happened…

Our first stop, as always, was to Tsuami’s sushi restaurant on one of the tallest buildings in Baton Rouge. I highly recommend, it’s great for photos…

elevator shot



the boys wanted a shot

let’s get weird!

Lindsey and Brayne

Sarabeth & Meg

boy love

girl love

Andrea and TK (and a photo bomb)

The Seabornes

Ging, Chris, Rayne


After we more than wore out our welcome it was back to the bus for more bar hopping around Baton Rouge…

(again, didn’t take the good camera into the bars but always have my phone around for a pic)

Lindsey, Andrea, Me, Little

then back to the bus

for the partying to continue well into the night….

you’ll start to notice the eyes… getting a little tipsy…


At this point, no one remembered there was a camera laying around. Either that, or the pictures don’t need to get posted…. Overall, one of the funnest nights I’ve had in so long, with for sure the best friends a girl could ever ask for! Love love love this group of people!

The next day… St. Patrick’s Day parade, some crawfish, and a lot of karaoke….


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Protected: 2nd Annual PNS St. Patty’s Day Parade

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