Finally got to do what I’ve always wanted to do before Christmas- pick out and cut down our own real Christmas Tree! I was so excited, I decided to film the experience and make a little video about it! Hope you enjoy!

Oh Christmas Tree! from megan knight on Vimeo.


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This past weekend was full of everything I love-  good music, great weather, and hanging out with some of my all time favorite family and friends.

First, Thursday night was my company Christmas party and it definitely set the tone for a long weekend of festive fun, late nights and a bit too much to drink. We started the evening off calm and well-mannered and ended it, well, with everyone in a REALLY good mood… (I love the people I work with btw…!)

nothing like a good action shot to showcase my moves on the office "dance floor"

Then Friday night I went with some of my Conway friends to The Alchemy Songwriting Competition where the talented Arkatexts performed, among others.

this guy won 3rd runner up!

me and Preston- aka IPA from arkatext

This video doesn’t really do the event justice but at least you get an idea of how hip these guys are- as in cool, awesome, in-the-know, popular, etc. And how bad I suck with an iPhone video in the dark…

Even better- Mary Steenburgen was a judge!

Even better than better- my night ended with this...

Finally, Saturday wrapped up the weekend with my little brother and Ashley’s engagement party at my dad’s house

then a night out at King’s Piano Bar (because no one can really be engaged unless you end up on top of a piano being serenaded to and screamed for at 1 am).

the happy couple

It was a great time and we were so thankful for a beautiful balmy 60 degree night in December, great friends, and lots to drink!


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Bad Dogs…

This is a video of my very bad/spoiled miniature schnauzer Sunny, who has never known anything but a life of luxury, comfort, and love. He is determined to leave this life to find another home- or live amongst the wild, not really sure which it is he prefers- but after 8 (failed) escape attempts, I’m tempted to just leave the door open one night and see how far he gets…

(It also shows my sweet homebody boxer Hilde’ and my embarrassing yard skills. I DO pay a yard man but he’s obviously quite the slacker…)


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Mallory Growing Up

Almost 3 years old! See post of her from a year ago- Fun With Iphone App


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