Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my Aunt Becky’s wedding and it was absolutely perfect. She looked every bit the radiant bride and David just as handsome. The ceremony and reception was small and beautiful, held at Lakewood Park in North Little Rock.

To give words to how much I love this person is difficult and I prefer to remain surface level. But let me just say, I love her like a mother. She is my favorite aunt by far (nothing against my other aunts of course!) and our relationship has always been special. Maybe because she only had boys (3 of them!); maybe because people have always said we favor; maybe because she and my mother are more than just sisters but without a doubt best friends: Aunt Becky and I have always been super close. When my uncle Chuck died of cancer almost ten years ago I thought my heart would break for her… But now that time has passed and love has overcome, I couldn’t be happier for this very special lady.

Here’s to new beginnings and proof that ‘happily ever after’ might really exist!


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My little sister is getting married!!!

I never thought I’d be doing this, helping her try on big beautiful wedding dresses, as I myself flounder around the world of the unwed. We’re different like that though- in just one of so many ways- and I can’t help but admire her for being so “traditionally” perfect. This girl is good to the core- still lives with my parents, isn’t even out of school yet- but she knows what she wants and will make a wonderful wife and mother. I can’t help but feel emotional about it! I remember praying for a little sister for YEARS and all I got was brothers until that one special day when I was eleven years old and my mom gave birth to this perfect little princess. I was even in the room- although I remember so little of it. All I know is that God answered my prayer and gave me the most beautiful, kind-hearted, special little girl who is now all grown up and starting a life of her own.

I love you Hannah Brianne, and am so honored to be your maid-of-honor! You are so precious to me!

mom is pretty excited!

Ash helping find the perfect dress...

sweet love!

my baby sister!

the wedding gals

So many choices!

We didn’t find the perfect one this time but I’m ready to do some serious shopping over the next few months. Can not wait to be on this ride with her- finding the perfect dress, the perfect flowers, the perfect song; as she’s already found the perfect man. I’m so proud of this little girl! And she’s going to make a beautiful bride!!!



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So this weekend was the big day- Saturday evening my brother and Ashley got married! It was absolutely one of the happiest days ever to stand next to them as they vowed their lives to each other. Although the weather was rainy and chilly- especially for early May- it was such a joyous occasion that no one seemed to notice. They are now on their way to Jamaica for a week of sun and relaxation! I wanted to get a few pics posted before I leave myself for Hawaii on Wednesday!!!

Congrats to the happy couple. Love you guys.

flower girl and ring bearer at rehearsal (playing on their phones!)

baby Jasper and momma Jessica

taking the shuttle to wedding!

loved the simple decor- so pretty!

"vintage chic"

getting ready!

Ashley pre-gown

Ashely and her flower girl :)


adorable Jaydon!

getting ready to see the groom for the first time :)

so sweet!

watching them from inside (all of us tearing up!)

picture time! The Knight's with our new sister!

all the kids

plus Dale & Emerie

both families

Jacob & Jessica Knight, and crew. How gorgeous are they!

Ava is ready for showtime!

my sweet momma

I was in the wedding so this is where pre-ceremony pics stop and post-ceremony begins. I actually didn’t have my camera for the toast or cutting of cake, so we’ll have to wait for the real photographer’s pics to see all that. (And most of the following from reception were actually taken by my sweet cousins Lauryn and Laynie who I let run loose with my camera. They did a fantastic job- love these girls!!!)

Lauryn, Caleb, Laynie

me and Trysta (the L's momma)

Angel child!!!

best cousins!

finally did it!!!!

sister of the bride Christy and her bff Meredith

love Laynie-bug!

stosh and broc (what cuties)

the McGuires (the L's parents)

Caleb & Lauryn bff

i'm her favorite ;)

time to go!

I will spare you the 500 or so other pics the girls took of the decor of the house- I’ll have to put them in their own post one day as they have nothing to do with the wedding but are pretty cute just the same. After the reception (which the above pics are pretty limited to one area of outside- there was a dance floor and dinner that we seemed to have missed completely! Again, the camera wasn’t around till late night) many of us from the wedding party took the shuttle back to our hotel and hit the bar downstairs…

so happy!!!!

Josh and Caleb

Christy and Tabitha

beautiful bride! (even at 1 am)

sweet pic!

my honey

even a few kids still around!

love my brothers!!!

hugs for everyone!

sweet sisters

congrats to the best couple I know- Mr. & Mrs. Knight!


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My stepbrother Chris and his fiancee were married in my dad and step-mom’s (damn divorce makes it so hard to name everyone!) back yard last weekend. It was a perfect October evening and while small and simple, so very charming! The backyard is by no means from Better Homes & Gardens but I thought they did a fabulous job with what they had to work with. And Amber (my now step sister-in-law) looked absolutely beautiful!

Great job to everyone who worked to pull off such a happy and heart-warming event – and of course more importantly- congrats to Chris and Amber for finding each other! I wish you guys 100 years of love and happiness!

Ashley and Debi

Dad & Best Man, playing in the dirt...ceremony

reception area

Debi & I (not the best of either of us!)

waiting for the bride

sweet flower girl

So pretty!

loved her train

said their vows at sunset

Dad & Debi

They did it! Short & sweet- just perfect!

beautiful food buffet


Amber made the cake!

total star of the night! Baby Knox!

such a cutie!

with Auntie Ash

Knox and Daddy (my other stepbrother kyle)

Just starting to walk

even the ugly pool shack looked pretty!


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It’s definitely wedding season and early June was packed with them! My Cousin Emily’s wedding in Pittsburgh started my trip up north and it ended up turning into a family vacation to remember! Me, Gabe, and Ashley decided to fly to Pittsburgh for the wedding while my brother Caleb, who just recently moved to Scranton PA for work, was to drive to meet us at the airport Friday afternoon. Every day was thoroughly researched and planned by yours truly, and the next few posts are my attempts to detail the trip with pictures and as simple commentary as possible…

Pittsburgh – 6/3-6/4 – Emily’s Wedding

The first thing we all wanted to do upon arriving in Pittsburgh was eat! Pittsburgh’s Primanti Bro’s, as seen on The Food Network, prior to our visit, was just as mouthwatering in real life as it looked on tv. Absolutely DELICIOUS! We ended up eating there 3 times in less than 48 hours…

We were also super fortunate to have one of the coolest cab drivers EVER! Mr. Don, a Pittsburgh native, took a liking to us southern siblings and- for no fee- drove us to what’s called the overpass which is basically a mountain that overlooks the entire city. He explained a lot of the history of the town and pointed out all the stadiums and points of interest. Interestingly enough, Pittsburgh is only a little larger than Little Rock/North Little Rock- but has over 80 bridges and is definitely SO MUCH COOLER!  We were all pleasantly surprised at how much we really loved the city!

After a few drinks at some of the local bars we called it a night kinda early in order to be “on” for the big wedding the next day.

We all arrived at Heinz Chapel which is on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh around 2 and were pretty amazed at its beauty. Massive wooden and iron doors and a space of soaring stone arches and 70-foot stained-glass windows! Emily looked beautiful and we were even mentioned in the service as “her cousins from the deep south”…  :)

Everybody loves a bagpipe

Sibling Love

After the ceremony it was time to be REALLY impressed with prestigious history and class of reception held at Oakmont Country Club, apparently the oldest and most difficult course in America (with more combined USGA and PGA championships than any other course in the U.S.). Of course I didn’t know this, but my brother’s did, and the drinks, dancing, and dinner were definitely to die for!

Emily & Kyle

Overall we had such an awesome town. Pittsburgh was more than I thought it would be and we all hope to come back for a longer visit soon.!!



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